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Quote from the great Pat Summitt
   "You take what comes and you run with...
Travel Tryouts
  Parents: The travel teams have been formed...
Quote from the great Pat Summitt
by Coach Wiese posted 9/18/2020

"You take what comes and you run with it. Winning is fun... sure. But winning is not the point. Wanting to win is the point. Not giving up is the point. The game doesn’t end when you come off the court. The secret of the game is in doing your best. To persist and endure, to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.” 

Travel Tryouts
by Coach Wiese posted 9/14/2020


The travel teams have been formed and announced. I know some of you are ecstatic and some of you are disappointed. Unfortunately, that is inevitable.  I want you all to know though that the tryout process was fair, thorough, and deliberate. I continue to be impressed with the way the outside evaluators do their job.  They pay close attention, make clear notes, and communicate their opinions to us very well.  You can certainly say that you disagree with what they concluded but I can assure you that they evaluated your daughters in a completely unbiased manner.  

On the second day the travel coaches came in to evaluate. Again, this group did a great job of paying close attention to all players and communicating their opinions to the committee.  

I hope you trust the process that took place even if you disagree with some of the results.  I appreciate you following the 48-hour rule and not contacting the board, Coach Lo, or me until 48 hours has passed.  Emotions run high which is completely understandable, but I feel that better communication happens once we all have had a little distance.

For those of you who are disappointed in your daughter’s placement—remember that we can talk to you but only about your daughter. We will never bring another player into that conversation. That rule goes for talking about team placement or any conversation you want to have with your coach during the season.  Do not bring up or compare your daughter to someone else in these conversations.  We will discuss what we believe your daughter needs to work on, but not how she stacks up against another player.  If you call to talk about your daughter Mary, we will talk about her alone and not talk about how she compares to Susie who made a higher level team.

What I hope is that parents who are disappointed in their daughter’s placement will encourage their daughters to continue to work hard, be coachable, and be accountable to their own progress.  

There may be some questions about the teams that have over 10 players. 4th grade has 13 players. That is a big team but EPGBA plans to add tournaments and rotate players such that 10 players play at 8 tournaments, thus approximating the experience if you only had 10 players on the team.  Thank you to Lori and Ken, the coaches of this grade, who I know will make this work and make it a positive experience for everyone.

7th grade: The outside evaluations and travel coaches felt very strongly that there was a definitive break in the talent level after the first 8 players.  This led to team 2 having 12 players.  One of those players will initially be practice only as she is aware, she is travel ready but not tournament ready. This really means a team of 11.  We believe that this is workable, and the coach of this team is completely on board with this.  Again, we believe this was best for ALL 7th grade players to be divided this way, and we trust our coaches to make it work such that each girl gets plenty of playing time.  

Check out the EPGBA website for information on the free Travel player clinics over the next two weeks prior to the start of the season.  

I am available to talk to you all as usual.  My goal remains providing these girls with a fun yet challenging basketball environment where they can grow on and off the court.

Coach Wiese