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Girls Basketball Tournament Rules

Updated:  January 2022


Minnesota State High School League rules will be in force with the following modifications:


All teams must be sponsored by an organization that is community-based.

  • All-star or renegade teams as defined by the MYAS will not be accepted.

  • Athletes must compete with the travel association within the community where they reside or attend school.

  • If there is not a travel association within the community where the athlete resides or attends school, or if the athlete has been cut or restricted from the association, they may participate with a bordering association.


Team Rules


  • Coaches must check team in prior to the first game, at the main entrance to EPHS Activity Center.   Coaches will provide the Tournament Director with their contact information.


  • Teams should be present and ready to play 15 minutes before scheduled game time.  Each team is responsible for writing their lineups on the official score sheet five minutes prior to game time.  Games will try to START ON TIME.  Teams not on the floor at a scheduled start time will forfeit with a 20-0 score.  No grace period.


  • Games will not start any earlier than 10 minutes prior to the original start time and MUST be agreed to by BOTH head coaches.


  • A warm-up period of 5 minutes will be allowed before each game and 3 minutes at half-time.  Officials may shorten warm-ups or half-time breaks to keep the tournament on schedule.


  • The home team will be the team in the top of the bracket (or designated as the Home team in pool play.)  Home teams will  provide the game ball and Home team will have a choice of jersey color.


Playing Rules – Defenses, Pressing, Free Throws and Ball Size



Half Court Defense

Full Court Defense (Pressing)

Free Throw Line

Ball Size Girls


Person to Person Only

Not Allowed

15 Feet



Person to Person Only

Person to Person Only

15 Feet


6, 7 & 8

No Restrictions

No Restrictions

15 Feet



  • Officials are responsible for enforcing these rules by giving a warning for the first offense and by awarding a 2-point technical foul for any subsequent violations.


  • Full-court pressing defenses will not be allowed by teams having a 20 point or greater lead at any time during the game. This includes both zone and person-to-person defenses.


Free Throw Rule for 4th Grade Only


  • All 4th Grade teams will shoot from the regular free throw line.  The shooter will be allowed to land over the line after the shot.  


Game Time – 4th Grade


  • Two, 20-minute running time halves, with a 2-minute stop time at the end of second half.  Half time will be 5 minutes.


  • Clock will run during the last 2 minutes at the end of the second half  if a team is ahead by 20 points.  Stop time will resume if the lead is cut to 10 points or less.


Game Time – 5th -8th Grade


  • Two, 14 minute stop time halves

  • Clock will run if a team is ahead by 20 points.  Stop time will resume if the lead is cut to 10 points or less.


Time Outs


  • Three, 1-minute time outs per game are provided. No carry over of unused time outs.


  • One, 1-minute time out for the first overtime period. No timeouts for the sudden death period. 




The first overtime period is 2-minutes stop time. The second overtime period is sudden death – the first team that scores a point, wins.  Each overtime period will start with a jump ball. 




Bonus free throw (1-and-1) will be shot on the 7th team foul and double bonus (2 shots) on the 10th team foul per half.


Players are disqualified on their 5th personal foul.


Technical fouls will not be shot.  Team will be awarded 2 points and possession of the ball.  Technical fouls are also counted as team fouls and player fouls.  Two technical fouls on a player 

or coach will result in automatic ejection from the rest of the tournament and they will be asked to leave the court/gym/premises for the remainder of the tournament.  


Tie Breakers 


  • In pool brackets the top teams will be determined as follows:

  1. Most wins.

  2. Head to head record, in the event of a 3+ multiple way tie, go to (c.)

  3. Lowest total points allowed against all teams.

  4. Coin toss.


Other General Rules


  • The 3-point shot will be counted for all grade levels.


  • Officials will call substitutes into the game.


  • All decisions by officials, timers, scorers and tournament director are final.  No protests allowed. 


  • Players, coaches, and fans must follow good sportsmanship rules.  Coaches are responsible for their actions and the actions of their players and fans.  Inappropriate behavior and unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.


  • Please clean up all bottles and garbage left on the benches after your games.


  • Please respect the EPHS gymnasiums and property.