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Player attendance at all practices and games is expected and is to be treated as the player's primary extra-curricular activity during the season. 

Definition of an unexcused absense: 
  • Any absense in which the team head coach was not notified in a timely manner
  • Any absence that was not approved in advance by the the team head coach
  • Absense due to conflicts with other sports
Definition of an excused absense:
  • Absence due to injury or illness of the player
  • Absence due to serious illness or death of a family member
  • Absence due to scheduled church or school activities
  • Absence due to special school assignments
Playing Time
A player should receive at least 50% of playing time over the course of each tournament, if eight (8) players or less suit up, and at least 40% of playing time over the course of each tournament, if more than eight (8) players suit up.  
The team head caoch may make exceptions to playing time if a player is unable to meet any of the following basic requirements:  (1) Attendance, (2) Effort & focus, and (3) Attitude & coach-ability.
Playing Up within EPGBA
It is EPGBA's preference to have all travel players play with their current grade level.   Under no circumstances can a player play down into a younger grade.  

There are very few players who demonstrate abilities beyond their grade level.  If a parent believes their player has the skills to be ranked by the independent evaluators as a Top 3 player at a higher grade level, they should contact the no later than 30 days prior to tryouts to request evaluation at a hgiher grade level during tryouts.  

EPGBA strives to have the best-qualified coaches for our players.  We will consider parent and non-relative applicants as coaches.  Coaches are to meet the following criteria: 
  1. Have a basic knowledge of basketball rules and fundamentals, 
  2. Have good communication skills, 
  3. Are able to teach and motivate players to develop specific basketball and relationship skills, and 
  4. Are able to measure their own success based on their ability to improve all girls as basketball players and teammates.

EPGBA will provide background checks of all head and assistant coaches prior to their team assignment.  ‚ÄčAll coaches are also required to become certified under the MYAS Trusted Coaches program.  This online training program provides our coaches with First Aid and Concussion Training & Certification, in addition to the Positive Coaching Alliance training. 

Conflict Resolution
After waiting 24 hours, any issue, dispute or conflict that arises involving a coach, player or parent should be handled in the following manner:  

  1. The player and parent should first discuss the matter with the head coach, even if the issue is with the head coach. 
  2. If the matter is not addressed to the satisfaction of all parties, or if a head coach is not assigned, the matter should be presented to the appropriate Coaching Director(s) in writing with a description of what has occurred and what steps have been taken to rectify the situation. 
  3. If the matter still cannot be satisfactorily addressed, the next step is to inform a member of Executive Committee. 
  4. The Executive Committee will discuss and determine.