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2023-2024 EPGBA Board Members
(Elected March 2023) 

* Denotes voting board member (More About Volunteering)

EPGBA Mailing Address:
PO BOX 44731

The Board of Directors meets every third Sunday of the month (except December) to conduct business. The time and location of the board meetings are posted on the master schedule.  Anyone interested in contributing to EPGBA is welcome to attend a board meeting.  We are always looking for volunteers to help make the basketball experience for our student-athletes on a continuous success.  Please contact one of the EPGBA Officers below for more information.

Position Name Contact
President Gretchen McQuillan
Vice-President, Travel Tracie Anderson
Vice-President, In-House OPEN
Treasurer Michelle Jones
Secretary Kelsey Gempeler







Staff Name Contact
Coaching Director - Travel Herb Tarpeh herberttarapeh@gmail.com
Coaching Director - In-House    
EPHS Girls Varisity Coach Ellen Wiese






Board Members At-Large

Scott August
Caroline Anderson
Ashley Young
Mark Archuleta
Jodi Archuleta
Richard Peterson
Bill Lahti
Lori Kelly
Mark Haugen
For any web related questions, please email us at  .