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Spirit Award Progrom

The Eden Prairie Girls Basketball Association mission statement reads: Our mission is to create a fun, fair and safe basketball environment that is focused on providing skills development as well as fostering respect for others, self-confidence, leadership and teamwork in our Eden Prairie student athletes. We will strive to provide the best competition at all levels while maintaining the highest degree of participation and sportsmanship.

To further this mission, EPGBA has formed a Culture Committee whose goal is to promote, develop and enhance our core values. We want our players to exhibit and promote these values on and off the court:



TEAM FIRST: We want our athletes putting their teams above themselves and understanding that by playing basketball they accept that they must put the best interests of their team above their own individual goals and desires. This value should be exhibited both in practices, during games and even off the court by players accepting their role on the team and cheering their teammates on regardless of circumstance.

SPORTSMANSHIP: Sportsmanship expands beyond putting the team first. It encompasses respectful, fair and gracious behavior not only toward a player’s teammates, but also toward their coaches, the officials, their opponents and the fans. 

ATTITUDE: We want players who exhibit a positive approach to the game. This includes being coachable, responsible and accountable. Players should respect, listen to and follow what their coaches are teaching them. They should be responsible by showing up on time, by being engaged during practices and games and not making excuses for mistakes. Players should acknowledge mistakes so that they can effectively learn from them rather than casting the blame elsewhere. 

To accomplish this the Culture Committee has developed an EPGBA Spirit Award Program. Travel and In-House Coaches will be given Spirit Awards to use in recognizing players who go above and beyond in demonstrating the values of Team First, Sportsmanship and Attitude during the season. These are not participation awards so not everyone will get one, a player could certainly receive more than one and coaches should not feel compelled to hand out all the awards they are given.

Each Travel and In-House team will receive three to six Spirit Awards to give out, based on the size of the team.  Each award will include a note recognizing the player’s accomplishment along with a food establishment coupon. Coaches and Team Managers will track who receives the Spirit Awards on each team and the Culture Committee will acknowledge top recipients at the end of the season.

We believe by promoting and positively acknowledging examples of our mission and core values in the behavior of our players, we will build leaders on and off the court. This will instill an EPGBA culture that truly values the contributions of every athlete regardless of minutes played or baskets scored.