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2022 Summer Shooting Dribble Challenge 


Looking for something to help keep your daughter busy this summer? Looking for a training opportunity that doesn't cost lots of $$$$$$Please check out our Summer Shooting and Dribble challenge!!!

Here is how it works:

- From June 1 through September 15, 2022, track your MADE (not attempted) shots and/or dribbled minutes using the form below.

- Follow your grade level goals, or for anyone who wants a SUPER CHALLENGE, go for the goal of 10,000 made shots,1,000 dribbled minutes.

- Use the 50, 100, 150 and 200-shot routines from the spreadsheet to work on a variety of shots and make tracking your shots per session easier.

- Submit your progress at the end of each month to Summer@epgba.org and standings will be posted online throughout the summer.

Tracking spreadsheet


- All players who meet their Grade Level and/or Super Challenge goal will receive a prize and be recognized during half-time of an Eden Prairie High School Girls Basketball game during the 2022-2023 season.




Here are the results from this past Summer - 2021 Challenge. 

Ella Robinson - 10,692 shots  3,157 dribble mins

Avery Cooper - 10,000 shots  285 dribble mins

Abby Gernes - 6,035 shots   616 dribble mins

Naveah Kongslie - 8,129 shots    807 dribble mins

Kelsey Anderson - 10,620 shots    500 dribble mins