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In-House Vice-President:

  • The bridge between the Board and all In-House issues
  • Work with the Coaching Directors on the planning and scheduling of player, coach and referee clinics, and end of season jamboree.
  • Oversee the In-House player registration
  • Work with Grade Commissioners to oversee team formations and coach selections.
  • Provide monthly updates to the Board on the In-House program
  • Work with Scheduling Director for team practices and games
  • Follow the EPGBA code of conduct


Grade Commissioner:

  • Work with Coaching Directors and In-House VP to form teams based on number of girls registered; parent volunteers to coach and assistant; and to ensure that team selections are as fair and equitable as possible.
  • Help facilitate player evaluation clinics
  • Help the Equipment and Uniform Managers in getting coaching bags, jerseys, and trophies to the Coaches. Ensure return of equipment at the end of the year.
  • Work with the Scheduling Director to address any facility issues (i.e. drinks in gym etc.) that the Community Supervisor brings up
  • Follow the EPGBA code of conduct


Coaches/Assistant Coaches:

  • Attend the coach’s clinics and training offered by the Association
  • Work with all girls on team to develop the fundamental skills of the game
  • Follow and grade level development drills in practices as outlined by the Coaching Directors
  • Set up the courts (basket height) for practice or games
  • Draft a parent to keep the clock and score (if kept in that grade level)
  • Follow the EPGBA code of conduct